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LucyX::Search::MockMatcher(3pm) - phpMan

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LucyX::Search::MockMatcher(3)  User Contributed Perl Documentation  LucyX::Search::MockMatcher(3)

       LucyX::Search::MockMatcher - Matcher with arbitrary docs and scores.

       Used for testing combining Matchers such as ANDMatcher, MockMatcher allows arbitrary match
       criteria to be supplied, obviating the need for clever index construction to cover corner

       MockMatcher is a testing and demonstration class; it is unsupported.

   new( [labeled params] )
       ·   doc_ids - A sorted array of doc_ids.

       ·   scores - An array of scores, one for each doc_id.

perl v5.20.2                                2015-12-01              LucyX::Search::MockMatcher(3)

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