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ncftpbatch(1)                        General Commands Manual                        ncftpbatch(1)

       ncftpbatch - Individual batch FTP job processor

       ncftpbatch -d

       ncftpbatch -l

       ncftpbatch -D

   Command line flags:
       -d      Begin  background  processing of FTP jobs in the current user's $HOME/.ncftp/spool
               directory.  This returns immediately, because a daemon process is spawned and  ran
               in the background.

       -l      Lists the contents of the user's job queue.

       -D      This is like -d, except that the process does not become a daemon.

       This  program  is responsible for processing background FTP requests.  It is normally only
       run by ncftp and not manually by a human being, however you can run it to manually process
       the FTP job queue.

       The  jobs are spool files written to a user's $HOME/.ncftp/spool directory and have a spe‐
       cial format and file-naming convention (which contains when the job is to be run).   ncftp
       runs  this  program  when  it needs to, but if the ncftpbatch daemon dies unexpectedly the
       jobs that are left in the queue will not be processed until another instance of ncftpbatch
       is run.

       ncftpget  and  ncftpput  can also be used to submit jobs for batch processing, using those
       utilities' -b command-line flag.  If desired, you can also manually create the spool files
       although  this  procedure is not documented here (see the manual page for ncftpspooler for
       more information on how to do that).

       ncftpbatch writes to its own log file, the $HOME/.ncftp/spool/log file.  This file  should
       be examined to determine if any ncftpbatch processes are actively working on jobs.

       Mike Gleason, NcFTP Software (http://www.ncftp.com).

       ncftp(1), ncftpput(1), ncftpget(1).

ncftpbatch                                NcFTP Software                            ncftpbatch(1)

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