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recordio(1)                          General Commands Manual                          recordio(1)

       recordio - records the input and output of a program.

       recordio prog

       recordio runs prog.  It prints lines to descriptor 2 showing the input and output of prog.

       At the beginning of each line on descriptor 2, recordio inserts the prog process ID, along
       with < for input or > for output. At the end of each line it inserts +, a space, or [EOF];
       a  space  indicates  that there was a new line in the input or output, and [EOF] indicates
       the end of input or output.

       recordio prints every packet of input and output immediately. It does not attempt to  com‐
       bine packets into coherent lines. For example,

              recordio sh -c 'cat /dev/fd/8 2>&1' > /dev/null

       could produce

            5135 > cat: /dev/fd/8: Bad file descriptor
            5135 > [EOF]


            5135 > cat: +
            5135 > /dev/fd/8+
            5135 > : +
            5135 > Bad file descriptor
            5135 > [EOF]

       if the cat program prints several packets.

       recordio uses several lines for long packets to guarantee that each line is printed atomi‐

       recordio runs as a child process of prog.  It exits when it sees the end of prog's output.

       tcpserver(1),  tcprules(1),  tcprulescheck(1),  argv0(1),  fixcrio(1),  rblsmtpd(1),  tcp‐
       client(1), who@(1), date@(1), finger@(1), http@(1), tcpcat(1), mconnect(1), tcp-environ(5)



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