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Older News

Oct 22 2016.
Uptime 500 days.

Jun 24 2015.
perl 5.20, php 5.6, pg 9.4, mysql 5.5.

Jun 10 2015.
recovery from backup.

Sep 25 2014.
bash upgraded to latest secure version.

Apr 9 2014.
Security test conducted:
Rootr websites Not affected by heartbleed.

Dec 27 2013.
domain registration pricing update.

Sep 17 2013.
Secure Hosting - Standard Series plans updated, storage increased.

Feb 25 2013.
Dedicated Hosting migration to Green data center completed.

Sep 3 2012.
Improved uptime thougth upgrade policy.

Aug 25 2011.
Upgrade to OpenBSD 4.9, Postgresql 9.0.3. perl 5.12, php 5.2.

Oct 12 2010.
Domain registration list and rate update.

Nov 12-19 2009.
Upgrade to OpenBSD 4.6, mysql 5.1, postgres 8.4

May 29 2009.
Hosting Standard Plans, resources upgraded for all accounts.

Sep 4 2008.
SpamAssassin update, version 3.2.5.

Apr 7 2008.
Erlang upgrade version 12B1 (5.6.1).

Feb 20 2008.
python upgrade version 2.5.1.

Feb 12 2008.
spamassassin upgrade version 3.2.4.

Oct 27 2007.
TLD pricing updated: com,net,org,biz,info.

Sep 12 2007.
All network backbone now uses Hurricane Electric Network, Top 10 BGP4 Network Backbone Infrastructure Provider, IPv6 ready.

May 29 2007.
Domains registrations included.

Mar 15 2007.
Hosting plans doubles quantity of domains per account.

Jan 25 2007.
All plans converted to monthly plans.

Jan 15 2007.
uptime stat update: 99.9%

Nov 27 2006.
servers updated, update your ssh host keys. Rootroute-wide software updgrade: postgresql-8.1.5, mysql-5, php-5.1, perl-5.8.8, ruby-1.8.4, python-2.4.3, openbsd-4.0.

Aug 17 2006.
XBL added to spam control lists, in addition to Spamhaus's SBL. (n/a: removed)

Jun 17 2006.
Uptime stat update: 99.7%, current year.

May 13 2006.
Hong-Kong address updated to Lippo Tower 2.

Apr 13 2006.
registration of .eu available.

Jul 12 2005.
New default webmail interface with squirrelmail.

Jun 11 2005.
Domain transfer rates updated.

Apr 03 2005.
TLD Domain registration added: India .in and Japan .jp.

Feb 24 2005.
Extra storage rates lowered.

Feb 03 2005.
htmldoc now available, to convert html to pdf and postscript format.

Jan 12 2005.
Domain rates 35% decrease for .FR registrations.

Nov 23 2004.
Web and mail hosting Increase of multiple-domains per account.

Oct 17 2004.
Web and mail hosting storage increases for Rider plans and up.

Sep 23 2004.
How-to Upgrade Ruby inside your account.

Sep 3 2004.
ASCII Programmer reference

August 13th 2004.
Perl HTTP::Parser module added.

June 27th 2004.
procmail examples updated.

June 19th 2004.
SSL Email access available for all account types. SMTP-SSL-TLS, IMAP-SSL, POP3-SSL.

June 15th 2004.
mod_python updated to 3.1.3

June 8th 2004.
Rider and Trooper hosting plans: storage space increases.

May 27th 2004.
New hosting plans in effect, more choices for accounts types.

May 7th 2004.
domains faq updated.

Apr 29th 2004.
New domain registrations prices, more TLDs availables.

Apr 23th 2004.
128 bit SSL certificate lower pricing. Multiple year Wildcard certificates available.

Apr 13th 2004.
Zope upgraded to 2.6.1. Zope-CMF and Zope PostGreSQL adapter also updated.

Mar 12th 2004.
Pricing of extra storage lowered.

Feb 24th 2004.
background processes FAQ updated.

Jan 21st 2004.
Eiffel added to the available programming languages, servers-wide. SmartEiffel is also a compiled language.

Jan 2nd 2004.
Searchable system manual.
Dec 12th 2003.
User login names can now be chosen.

Dec 5th 2003.
Time Zone Settings example for common programming languages.

Dec 2nd 2003.
Sub-domains faq added.

Nov 22nd 2003.
PostGreSQL FAQ added.

Nov 17th 2003.
Now medium plans include 4 domains, 7 domains on business plans.

Nov 14th 2003.
PostGreSQL server now available for basic plans.

October 23rd 2003.
Geolizer Precision IP lookup of origin country, a patch of webalizer web statistics.

October 15th 2003.
150% storage increase for all plans. email/ftp user number increase per account.

October 10th 2003.
Domain name registration fees updated: $18 for 2 years, for new domains.

October 1st 2003.
New monitoring system now running, for better reliability and stability.

September 13th 2003.
DSBL open-relay blacklist added servers-wide to eliminate more unsolicited email.

September 8th 2003.
Ruby libraries added: Strscan (fast lexer) and Amrita (html/xthml data templating).

September 5th 2003.
Server outage, caused by monitoring system failure. All services back to normal.

August 12th 2003.
Registration of .be domains available.

July 28th 2003.
Pass-over SMTP, POP3 and IMAP ports, to by-pass blocking, filtering and misconfigured connection ISPs.

July 7th 2003.
User can now web login with either user name or email.

June 17th 2003.
Rootroute official support for Apache 2, and IHPG: Gives Full web server control for users.

June 12th 2003.
Network Traffic rates savagely chopped off.

May 13th 2003.
Lite plan storage increased to 300 MB.

Apr 22nd 2003.
Updated mod_ruby to 1.0.6 with eruby 1.0.3.

Mar 15th 2003.
SSL Secure Certificate services updated: http://www.rootr.net/sslcert.html

Mar 2nd 2003.
Major network-wide system upgades with software versions updates.

Feb 18th 2003.
Increased resources for Enterprise plans.

Feb 14th 2003.
New snapshots of the facilities.

Feb 4th 2003.
Increased storage size and backup for Basic plans.

Jan 30th 2003.
User controlable processes available for medium accounts and over.

Spam F.A.Q updated. available here.

99.93% True-Uptime guarantee.

anti-spam filtering policity strenghtened server-wide

Ruby pages updated here, along with Ruby FAQs.

libc updated to libc.so.28.5 (openbsd 3.2pre)

8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB large processing 'glacier' network servers available.

No more setup fees for hosting accounts.

.name domain registration available. in addition to .com .net .org .info .biz

ruby updated, ruby/MySQL, ruby/cgiapp libraries added

domain registration fees lowered of 26%

Upgraded openssh to 3.4 latest, following security ISS advisory.

All mail systems upgraded to postfix June release.

Additional spam filtering and control for all servers, rejects more unclear/unauthorized senders.

perl and modperl updated modules.

All systems upgraded to OpenBSD 3.1 secure network O.S.

Support for mod_python added.

New dedicated server accounts get a free 128 bit secure SSL certificates.

Support for .biz domain registrations, in addition to com, net, org and info.

Secure Operation Center Opening in Hong-Kong, serves Asia customers.

Split-View Support for DNS intensive customers

Multiple Upstream providers. Rootroute now gets Backbone direct connections.
Now from 4 major uptreams, including the 2 world leaders:
With MCI-Worldcomm, Sprint. Additionally, the network topology
enables fast international access
as fast as access within the US

Hardware donation.
Surplus and older computer equipment donated to CRC.org.
and other parties.

Support for .info domain registrations

Secure Web login interface integration.
Enhanced flexibility and integration with shell.

Network Block renumbering of The Silicon Vallley Telecom and Internet Exchange (SVTIX)
Cisco routing transfer managed by Rootroute.

Rootroute appointed backend service provider
for SVTIX, the Silicon Calley Telecom and Internet Exchange.
San Jose, California.

High availability Postfix Mirror opens
Wietse Venama ultra-secure Email backend system,
form the IBM's T.J. Watson research center.
Web site mirror: http://postfix.RootR.net/
FTP source site mirror: ftp://postfix.RootR.net/index.html
Those Mirrors are updated every 4 hours, sync on midnight UTC.

New domain-wide implementation of a secure system adopted
for all Rootroute internal servers and managed servers.
Handled by The Postfix Secure SMTP system.

Complete network blackout at SVTIX in San Jose,
Recovery handled by Rootroute within 2 days

Rootroute Aquires Fusium Informatek.
Assets list:

Rootroute establish new base in San Jose, California

New Network architecture project implemented for managed servers.

Not all news are recorded here, if you want to know some
specific detail, or about more than 3 years old, please send a request at https://www.RootR.net/request.html

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